About Me

My Name is Lyman Mitchell

    I was born in Tucson, Arizona where I lived with my parents and five siblings.  I was very active in the band, playing the sousaphone, tuba and eventually learned the guitar at 15.  I was an avid athlete in high school, involved in pole vaulting, hurdles and football. I was a journeyman carpenter at the age of 17, and worked as a contractor for years.

Later I attended Eastern Arizona Junior College where I played football for two years, formed a band called Arizona Cactus Kings, got married at the age of 20, and had two daughters.  My wife passed away in 1994.

I attended the University of Arizona and majored in biology and chemistry.   I also played in the Tucson Symphony Orchestra while living in the area.

Later down the road I raised dogs and race horses (still working at other things) and got a burr under my saddle to write a children’s Christmas book called ‘Pee Wee Saves Christmas‘, you might just like to look it over! 

I love to hunt, prospect and create silver jewelry.  Just because I can’t find enough to do with my time, I can always go check on my cows at my residence close to Austin, or my property Comanche Country Ranch & Event Venue south of Lockhart.  My guitar still has a place on my lap and music a love in my heart’. Sounds like the beginning of a good song lyric.