Comanche Country Ranch

Welcome to the Comanche Country Ranch & Event Venue

Comanche Country Ranch & Event Venue is a beautiful Ranch located near Lockhart, Texas and is a full-size Ole Western town made up of a Hotel and Saloon, Bunk House, Bath House and Livery Stable and the not so old Event Venue just to name a few.  There is also a Marshall's Office for those that get out of hand!  Also you'll find a beautiful Chapel built on the properties as well.  Many wedding have made great memories here and with the Event Venue it's a win win!  I also have a few head of long horns out there somewhere knocking down the fences but that just keeps me busy!  For more information, visit Comanche Country Ranch & Event Venue website.  

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We also have a great gun club called the Plum Creek Shooting Society that meets on the ranch, if you find an interest give them a shoot!